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Custom design and manufacturer of discontinued electronic components. 


offer our customers both standard products as well as design and production of obsolete or custom-made products.

We Solve Real Problems

The variety of products offered by our company is not limited to below components


Mass market products with standard characteristics Packages plastic, ceramic SMD, DIP, AQP and other packages

Obsolete and discontinued

We can design and produce products of world manufacturers with pin to pin compatibility, similar electrical characteristics and matching circuit.


We can modify some of standard products at a fraction of the cost of new development.


Electrical parameters and size according to specification Custom packages, harsh environments, support from design to mass production

The variety of products offered by our company is not limited to below components

our products

SAW filters, delay lines, resonators, microstrip filters, sensors, microwave filters, BAW filters

Resonator, filter, oscillator, VCXO, TCXO, OCXO, XO, Sine Wave, frequency selective assemblies, sensors, Rb frequency standards

Linear accelerometers, actuators, hydroacoustics, seismic sensors, angular speed sensors, filters, resonators, tilt platforms, micro switch relays, ultrasonic transducers

Optocouplers, photorelays, photointerrupters, S.S.R (solid state relays), optoelectronic modules, reed relays switches, electromechanical relays, overcurrent protection ICs

Si generators, impact sensors, gyroscopes, accelerometers, 3D inertial measurement unit (IMU), airflow, pressure

NIR and MIR LEDs and arrays, SLED diodes and modules, GaAs/InP photodiodes and modules, laser diodes and modules, VCSEL, photodetectors, CCD image sensors, photo multiplier tubes, scintillators, image intensifier tubes, transceivers.

MMIC, HMIC, FET, HEMT, pHEMT, HBT, diodes, modules, GaAs/GaN power amplifiers, ferrites, connectors, RF/MW frequency sources, filters, vacuum tubes

SoC, ASIC, microcontrollers, drivers, digital logic, DSP, operational amplifiers, ADC and DAC converters, voltage regulators, timers, telecom ICs etc.

IGBT, power thyristors and triacs, power diodes and arrays.

SioS pressure and force sensors, gas sensors, vibration transducers, static-dynamic pressure sensors, acoustic emission transducers, vibration switches, force sensors, acoustic emission sensors

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Along with assembled electronic components we can offer parts and materials like bare dice, ceramic packages, semiconductor wafers, ceramic substrates, lead frames, LTCC, test and measurement services.

Al.Grunwaldzka 212/ALTWAY, 80-266, Gdańsk,Poland
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